Thursday, January 7, 2010

Singer followup

Just to demonstrate the results of yesterdays demo, here are two plates that we copied yesterday from the same 96-well liquid plate, once into 386 and once into a denser 1536 colonies format (by four iterations).

As you can see, the "holes", we left in the original plate appear in the same places in the replicated ones, except that in the 384 one it is a 2x2 colony hole and in the 1536 it is a 4x4 colony hole.

Another plate is one we copied from a "lawn" of yeast. That lawn dried up in the incubator (it is much drier there than we expected), and so the agar level was uneven. As a result we got stricking colony pattern.

The impressive part is the very uniform and nice colony patterns we see.

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